One small step for me, one giant step for The Gill.T!

Welcome to Inner Space,

Come blast off with me on a journey to a new reality, a new space; an inter galactic webisphere of semantics and stardust. A place where feelings are left behind to be found and felt by others. A place where thoughts are scattered like stars in every direction and emotions have their own moons. A place so quiet and peaceful that judgement comes here to die.

Too often we are made to feel like certain sides of us should stay hidden from this world we think we know, often stifling the most gentle and genuine parts of ourselves. Artistic expression has been redefined, now tailored to trends instead of truth, hot topics instead of honesty. Where’s the authenticity gone?

It’s time we created a world of our own. A world with our own rules. A world where everything is a complete reflection of one’s expression of self. A world where there is no right or wrong because we are all guilty of our own means of self expression. We are all guilty of our own sides of the same story. We are all guilty of our own unshakable, individual truths.

So, here is my attempt to tell my own truth; a truth that can be told like no other, by no other. Join me as I attempt to explore whatever that truth may be through the wondrous world of blogging/secret sharing/story telling/other literary efforts. This, my first collection of words and works brave enough to seek solace some place other than my cluttered, thought spangled and dream entangled brainerverse.

Now, understand that this is my Safe Space. My World. With My Rules! The most important of which is to please participate genuinely. Here, you are free to join me on my journey as I attempt to not only find, but also free MYSELF of all societal limitations. So, please leave all negativity at the door.

No Negativity

Though still new to this writing thing, I intend to give this my best shot – trumping all the reasons why I should not ‘try’ by simply DOING – and have a little fun while I’m at it. If I succeed, I gain not only enthusiasm but also enlightenment. And even if I fail, I gain not only experience but also exposure.

I can only hope that, through this new venture, I am able to hone my craft and discover different and interesting ways to voluntarily vent about my time spent on my new adventures. If I somehow manage to amaze, entertain or inspire you (or even myself) along the way, then that’s just additional motivation!

So, bear with me, enjoy if you can and prepare yourself for just about anything! Surely there’s something for you to be found in a place like this.